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Meet the Board

It is our pleasure to help you develop understanding about Genetic Genealogy 

Patricia Ann Kellner


Patricia Ann Kellner has found lost family members using Genealogy and DNA, reunited adoptees to their families, and developed successful Genetic Genealogy strategies. She manages over 35 DNA tests, runs Facebook DNA/Genealogy groups, has hosted family reunions, and created an extensive family tree. Patricia has presented numerous lectures on a wide variety of Genetic Genealogy (DNA) topics to the Long Island community. She is a founding board member of the DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island.

Maureen McCourt Nantista


Maureen McCourt Nantista has been active in family history research for over twenty-six years. As a professional genealogist she has attended numerous national and international conferences, and been interviewed on local television. Her former positions include Vice President of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island, President of the Irish Family History Forum and editor of their newsletter. Maureen also served on the board of directors of the Italian Genealogical Group and was co-founder and newsletter editor of the Scottish Heritage & Ancestral Research Society. She currently manages 23 DNA accounts allowing her to connect with family members across the globe.

Karen Worrell


Karen Worrell has been involved in family history research for almost 20 years, Since 1999, Karen has been a member of where she has built her family tree. Recently, she has done DNA testing with and 23andMe and connected with family members on both the maternal side and paternal side of her family. Karen runs a Facebook group for members of her maternal side and shares information with many maternal cousins.