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Feburary 2, 2020

DNA Cluster Headaches

Have you tried any of the several auto-clustering programs out there? These programs take your DNA matches and put them in clustered squares that are supposed to tell you who is related to whom. They can be a great way to get an overview of your DNA matches—and can be incredibly intimidating to deal with.

Merrill went over some of the options for auto-clustering, including programs by Jonathan Brecher (Shared Clustering) and Evert-Jan Blom (Genetic Affairs, also licensed by My Heritage and GEDMatch). She took a look at how they work, the information we can get from the results, and what else we can do with the data.

She talked about manual clustering (creating these types of charts by hand in a spreadsheet program) and why this is sometimes the better option.

Finally, she explored other tools that can give you various ways to look at your DNA matches.

Welcome to a world where data visualization for family history is so much more than basic trees.

Lecture by: Merrill Loechner, Board member of the DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island