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Membership, Donations & Thank You's

Thanks for joining us on this journey

Become a Member

We welcome you to join us as a supporting member. Your dues make it possible for us to provide excellent speakers to help you understand Genetic Genealogy and its vital role in extending your Family Tree.  Membership donations can be made by clicking on the Subscribe button (below). Thank you for your participation! 
If you prefer to mail your membership fee, click HERE for a downloadable form you can print and mail in.
Thanks again!


Do you desire to help others find family members and develop their family trees? If that's close to your heart, please consider making a donation to the DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island. Your gift will enable us to provide information and tools necessary for those using DNA testing to find their families. To donate click on the Donate button (below)
Thank You for your support!

The DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island. Inc is a 501c3, Not-for-profit corporation.

Thank You!

We thank our faithful members who have enabled us to fulfill our mission. We thank the marvelous DNA companies for supplying door prizes including, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, & MyHeritage, We thank the German Genealogy Group for its very generous donation in support of our efforts. And we thank the numerous individuals that have donated goods and or fundraised to provide financial support of our endeavors. Thank You All!

DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island

Our mission is to educate and inform people about the use of DNA testing
for genealogical purposes in the Long Island, NY area.